1. I’m thrilled to have my work represented in this Fall’s promotion in Starbucks stores EVERYWHERE!

    Photo: David Vergne

  2. No styling needed! I generally shun fast food and I haven’t set foot in a McDonald’s in roughly 17 years (not since my 18-year-old daughter was collecting happy meal toys), but I do on occasion make exception for one of these babies, my standard In-N-Out order: Cheese Burger with grilled onions, french fries and a strawberry shake.


  3. At a wonderful hotel brunch buffet in Hakone, Japan, I was faced with choosing between Eastern and Western fare or having a little of both worlds.


  4. KARASHI RENKON is a Kumamoto specialty I was treated to on my first visit to Japan 29 years ago, and have never missed in the next dozen trips. Steamed lotus root is stuffed and coated with a mixture of miso and spicy Japanese mustard. It is then deep fried, yet sold and served at room temperature. Crunchy, spicy and soft all at once, this is great beer food!


  5. Still obsessed with KAKI GOORI. In previous trips to Japan, I never considered ordering this frozen treat, dismissing it as the Japanese counterpart to the American snow cone. It took an extremely hot humid day in Kyoto to turn my head around, and another hot day in Tokyo to confirm my new found appreciation. Unlike a snow cone, coarse ice with overly sweet artificial tasting syrup, the Japanese confection is very finely shaved ice mounded to an extraordinary height, dressed with delicious syrups and other sweets which become more than the sum of its parts. The top left image is the outdoor menu (plastic faux versions) of a charming old shop in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, where we were taken by friends. The store which no doubt has been around for dozens of years, specializes in just 2 things the frozen desert and a fresh baked melon pan that comes hot out of the oven directly to your table, elevating that dessert to new heights as well.


  6. Kaki Goori (shaved ice with green tea syrup, dango, sweet azuki beans, sweetened condensed milk: extremely refreshing!


  7. HIYASHI YUBA UDON (cold udon with tofu skin) in Kyoto for lunch: refreshing and delicious!


  8. I am happy to be included in this article about stylists in the July/August edition of the prestigious Communications Arts Magazine.


  9. Still experiencing afterglow from a glorious week of shooting STARBUCKS in-store promotions with a fun crew. Thanks to everyone ;-)
    Photo: Amy Hatwig


  10. FINGER SANDWICHES (Ham and Japanese Cucumber and Egg Salad on very fresh bakery white bread). I made these this morning to bring to my son’s annual Undokai (Japanese sports day) where we had an amazing potluck lunch with several other families. To see what we had last year, go back to the post dated June 8, 2013.